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Ana Sierra Women’s Basketball League (ASWBL)

Ana Sierra

Originally from New York, Ana Sierra has been making splashes in Chicago’s basketball scene since coming here over a decade ago.

Initially she developed and ran her pro-am league (Ana Sierra Women’s Basketball League), but Ana has been expanding into youth programming for girls. Her programming is top-notch and she’s able to accommodate a wide variety of age and skill levels, assuring that all youth feel welcome and challenged.

In the past year, Ana was acknowledged by the Jordan Brand as a national leader and representative of the Jordan Brand Women’s collective. Through this, Ana has been able to travel nationally to speak on her approach to engaging women and girls in sport. There’s no one who does this quite like Ana Sierra.

When asked to reflect on the impact of the NLARA, Ana said:

“NLARA accomplishes this greater community for us ALL in a number of ways, by having quarterly planning meetings that include NLARA team + partners to discuss needs of our community, strategically discussing different program designs, gathering resources for various activities that will engage all parties in the community. NLARA creates the environment to collaborate and partner with existing organizations to make it a win-win for all. We all bring different ideas to the table.”

Ana’s Pro-Am league will be hosted at UCAN this year starting the first week of October. We encourage everyone to come out and show up for our favorite ladies! The games are fun to watch and the energy in the gym is electric.

Reach out to learn more about upcoming community events and long-term volunteer engagements.

“Together, we are able to change lives.”
Debra Brown
Debra Brown
Cofounder, The Investment Basketball Program
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