Community Leaders on the Impact of the NLARA: The Investment

Darrin and Debra Brown, founders of The Investment Basketball program, are also founding members of the NLARA.

The Browns have been community leaders for decades, running programming for young people, their parents and anyone in between. Darrin and Debra were in the room when discussion began around the development of the NLARA. They are champions of creating a supportive and caring culture for young people through coaching and membership. Their program has been honored by Play Like a Champion for its excellence in creating a fun, supportive and inclusive team culture.

When asked to reflect on the impact of the NLARA on her community, Debra Brown said:

“Through open communication with each other, being transparent with our participants and our resources, we are able to change lives. We’re open to vulnerability and show humility about what we do, we don’t boast about every success — we celebrate collective success. No program is perfect, we all have failures, but, at the foundation, we can always support one another through it all — our failures, our wins, and our growth. It’s not about who decided to live their lives differently because of your individual program, it’s about showing up every day and acknowledging the daily realities of supporting our families in community.”

The NLARA is lucky to know and be led by this wonderful duo! We can’t wait to see how the Investment looks going into the basketball season this coming year.

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“Together, we are able to change lives.”
Debra Brown
Debra Brown
Cofounder, The Investment Basketball Program
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